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Since 1947 we offer a magnitude of affordable and quality local and international auto parts, our staff is highly knowledgeable with what is there in the market. We have a huge network of sources to get you the right part at the right price.

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Kramer and Ridge has been providing superior parts and satisfaction to customers of Appleton, WI, since 1947. We are a family-owned business delivering that delivers the right parts at an affordable price to the people of Appleton and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today through the phone or appointment form below to see how we can help keep your vehicle in top shape!

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These guys know their automotive specialty... dependable, I'm loyal.
Janel Rovge (RoVge)
Great prices. Very experienced staff. Great parts. 3/26/2019 This is still very much true.
James Greunke
Always known 4 friendly & knowledgeable staff. Been visiting since the 60s. Remember John orv marv. And more
James Sweatt
Gentlemen working were very knowledgeable and very friendly, extremely great with customer satisfaction and service.
Deirdra Moon
What a gem. I would rather come here than the other chain auto stores for the personal service I received.
Mike B.

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Our goal is to make sure your vehicle is safe and enjoyable to drive. If you are having car trouble or simply need a tune-up, make an appointment with our professional team today!
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